Heavy, swollen or painful legs - why choose Drainastim Pro® ?

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If climbing stairs, flying on a plane, or simply remaining standing is painful...

Reactivating your circulation is the best way to make your legs feel lighter again

Make your legs feel lighter and thinner again

Do they swell in the heat or feel painful after going up a few steps or when you stand for too long? Do you want your mobility back without any pain or discomfort? Real life comfort? Drainastim Pro® is the number one solution for blood circulation issues and related pain. You’ll be able to go up stairs, fly in a plane, keep standing, basically

you will actually be able to do everything again easily and effortlessly without suffering. Drainastim Pro® is the only process that can help combat the causes of bad blood circulation. By reactivating your circulation, you will combat pain, varicose veins, water retention, cramps, and so on - all these conditions that make your life harder and restrict your mobility.

Drainastim Pro® naturally stimulates the mechanical action of your muscles on the veins in your lower legs

With age, your muscles lose tonicity and even walking for hours may not do much… Especially your calves, which are almost the only part of the body that grow thinner as you grow older. Unfortunately, this is not good news for your circulation…
With its electrical muscle stimulation system, Drainastim Pro® will tone these lower leg muscles very quickly. Due to the electrical impulses, your muscles contract which in turn causes your veins to contract and your blood is pumped upwards again.
That's why your legs seem so light after a session of Drainastim Pro®!

The valves in your legs prevent blood reflux.

Blood flow caused by muscle contraction.

The calf muscle relaxes.

The calf muscle contracts.

Here are 3 good reasons why Drainastim Pro

is the most effective medical device to combat your venous insufficiency




Activates venous return

Blood first travels down your legs and then must return up them. For this to happen, you use a genuine “second heart” formed by the muscles in your calves, a kind of venous pump that enables blood to travel up from your lower legs to your heart.

Drainastim Pro will reactivate this pump with the help of its 25 electrical muscle stimulation programmes. The “second heart” in your calf will work thoroughly throughout your session as well as hours later.

Tones the capillaries in your valves

When your veins are overstretched or constricted, and the valves are worn out, blood no longer flows back to the heart properly which is why you experience pain and other symptoms.

Drainastim Pro incorporates capillary toning waves into its programmes. Thus, your venous walls are toned and the valves in them resume their role as hermetic valves in order to prevent venous stasis, the cause of swelling and pain.

Strengthens lower leg muscles

The venous pump in the muscles of your calves no longer promotes blood oxygenation and good venous tissue tone. Because with age our muscles lose tonicity. Your calves are affected by ageing, and they are one of the areas of the body that quickly thin with age.

Drainastim Pro® with its electrical muscle stimulation system will develop and tone these lower leg muscles. So you can reactivate the venous pump in your calf the same way you would by walking for hours.

With Drainastim Pro, venous return is stimulated, and blood circulates properly back to the heart.

Blood is constantly running through your veins, rising and descending, aided by the contraction of your calf muscles. When your blood pressure drops with age, it makes it harder for the blood to travel back up, hence the need to reactivate your venous return as soon as possible.

There is no swelling, oedema and pain with valves that are working properly.

Toning valve capillaries is extremely important for blood to circulate well, preventing stagnation or the slow-down of the circulation that occurs with age. With Drainastim Pro, the valves return to their proper function protecting you from all circulatory problems.

The muscles of the calf must be toned to restart blood circulation.

Your calf muscles play a leading role in venous return. Thus they must be stimulated to avoid losing their tonicity. They will then reinvigorate the venous pump, which in turn restores good blood circulation.

Here are the average results obtained after 6 weeks using Drainastim Pro®

85% of users have achieved amazing results! WHAT ABOUT YOU?


Varicose veins are obvious signs of poor blood circulation. They can also be painful. These are overstretched veins that prevent blood from returning to your heart muscle. With Drainastrim Pro everything goes back to normal. By reactivating good circulation and toning your vein walls you can soften varicose veins. Result: you no longer experience pain and blood recirculates back to the heart properly.


When blood circulates painfully, and your capillaries are permeable, a serous fluid collects in your tissue and this is called an oedema. Accompanied by inflation and pain, it is due to poor circulation. Drainastrim Pro is very effective at treating this condition since it re-establishes good blood circulation and oxygenates your tissues. Your feet and knees become visibly slimmer again.


When your circulation is slow, the lower legs are the most affected because your blood has more difficulty travelling back up due to gravity. Drainastrim Pro is particularly suited to treating this since it stimulates the whole lower leg area via your sole. And it does this through five different types of micro pulses, thereby restoring good blood circulation.

I’m done with my wooden legs.

With Drainastim Pro®, I finally put an end to my pain! I used to have stiff and painful legs… Some days I didn't even want to try and walk.

But I can tell you now that this is no longer the case at all, my wooden legs are gone! It’s just the opposite. I now have excellent mobility, I walk around all day, without any discomfort or pain. It’s such a surprise!


Drainastim Pro® has been the subject of multiple clinical trials for a year. The conclusion is that it is a safe, painless and reliable method suited to many conditions, especially issues related to blood circulation.

Take advantage of the latest E.M.S. TECHNOLOGY at home and use it every day (electrical muscle stimulation)


Electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) is a technique that has long been reserved for elite athletes, doctors or physiotherapists. With Drainastim Pro, you can now use EMS yourself.

Electrodes send micro pulses to your muscles and nerves and work them out at regular intervals to tone them up.

Electrical muscle stimulation consists of sending electrical impulses to muscle or nerve fibres via adhesive electrodes placed directly in contact with the skin. Electrical pulses sent by the electrostimulator stimulate the muscle or nerve in such a way that, depending on the use of the stimulator, the following beneficial effects are achieved: improved sports performance and muscle rehabilitation, aesthetic treatments such as anticellulite and anti-ageing treatments, pain relief and treatment of circulatory conditions.


Using Drainastim Pro, the most full-featured electrostimulator package, is both simple and safe. Drainastim emits electric micro pulses via the sole of your foot to activate the nerves and thus contract the muscles of the feet and calves. The muscles then release the congested blood the first time you move. At regular intervals, electrical muscle stimulation creates a pumping effect in the veins, just as if you were walking, to reactivate blood circulation in the various parts of your body.

Thanks to a system of micro pulses, your leg muscles contract, your blood network reacts, and blood is pumped upwards so your circulation works properly and your tissue is well oxygenated.

J. Philipot

E.M.S. is a revolutionary technology for all those suffering from venous insufficiency.

Electrical muscle stimulation is the most effective treatment for circulatory issues and related pain. With Drainastim Pro, you can reduce the painful symptoms until they disappear completely. It is a simple method without any harmful side effects.
It is painless, does not involve medication and is accessible to all. Its effectiveness has already been reported in various treatments for multiple conditions such as circulatory disorders, osteoarthritis, muscle pain, joint pain, etc.

Drainastim Pro is simply the cutting edge answer we were waiting for.

Drainastim Pro® is unique in that it simultaneously combats the 3 causes of heavy, swollen and painful legs

1st Cause

The primary cause of heavy legs is unfortunately genetic.

Your body does not enable sufficient venous return. The calf pump muscle, which is responsible for good blood circulation, is weak and can no longer pump your blood to the tops of your legs and heart properly. Even while this might be hereditary, Drainastim Pro® gives you the means of combatting this poor venous return.



Thanks to our “Satisfied or your money back” guarantee

2nd Cause

The secondary cause is muscle failure.

The calf muscle pump is ready to work, but it has trouble starting up, much like a car engine not starting. With its electrical muscle stimulation system, Drainastim Pro® will develop and tone these lower leg muscles very quickly. The venous pump in your calf muscle starts working again. Your sessions will restore your legs to sustained use, all from your chair, and with no effort on your part.

3rd Cause

Finally, the third most common cause is due to damage caused over time by your venous insufficiency.

Over the years, your valves no longer operate optimally as one-way valves, and your blood tends to collect as well as waste. It is very important to clean and detoxify the entire venous circuit. Drainastim Pro® users are always surprised to see how much slimmer their legs become with time.

Yes, Drainastim Pro really effectively treats your heavy legs...

But that is not the only benefit!

Osteoarthritis: you are in pain, and it’s not surprising! Drainastim Pro strengthens your muscles around your joints and relieves your pain.

If you have osteoarthritis, you suffer a lot of pain and you can no longer walk well. This forced immobility perpetuates and worsens the symptoms. It’s a vicious circle! Drainastim Pro sessions will strengthen your muscles and nourish your joints, without any exertion and without any pain!

3 actions to prevent joint rigidity

1st action: Drainastim Pro sessions produce repetitive movements and gently compress joints, leading to better circulation of the synovial fluid in joints. This liquid nourishes bone cartilage to reduce the pain associated with wear and tear.

2nd action: Activation of the leg muscles for strength gain in sedentary people. Strong muscles around your joints means your joints are better protected and no longer wear out.

Drainastim Pro reactivates the flow of synovial fluid in the joint and strengthens the muscle surrounding it.

3rd action: Weight has a direct impact on the load borne by your joints. By stimulating your muscles, Drainastim Pro also helps you combat extra weight and sedentary habits.

Drainastim Pro reduces the risks from operations

Being overweight, excessive wear on the joints, poor blood circulation, loss of nutrients and so on usually lead to surgery when osteoarthritis is chronic and becomes too painful. These osteoarthritis factors can be worked on. You can still make a change right now and avoid all this by regular use of Drainastim Pro.

Diabetes: electrical muscle stimulation, additional help for all type II diabetics

Diabetes is often responsible for poor blood circulation because hyperglycaemia (excess sugar in the blood) weakens the walls of blood vessels and leads to blood coagulation. Consequences: these vessels will find it difficult to transport oxygen throughout the body's tissues. Through a micro pulse system Drainastim Pro strengthens the walls of veins and vessels and stimulates circulation at the same time to prevent the risk of blood stagnation and clot formation.

It is therefore particularly recommended for diabetics as an additional aid.

Ends clot formation

Being diabetic increases the risk of clot formation… Regular Drainastim Pro sessions are extremely effective in preventing this. This is because electrical muscle stimulation is known to destroy clots in formation. And your blood will become well oxygenated again.

Helps with compression stockings

Compression stockings are a necessary evil…

But compression stockings can be torture to wear! However, they are often necessary in pain prevention or to avoid aggravating your condition. Make life easier with Drainastim Pro where lighter and less swollen legs will make wearing compression stockings easier and more bearable.

… or less damage

Blood circulation problems are not to be taken lightly. The best thing to do is to reduce the risks of poor circulation as far as possible.

  • Pulmonary embolism
    Do not risk a clot forming in your arteries! With Drainastim Pro, you repair your entire blood network and remove any waste in it.
  • Phlebitis
    Avoid phlebitis by maintaining clean and flexible veins through the micro pulses of Drainastim Pro.
  • Thrombosis
    No waste products in your blood and good blood flow means thrombosis is no longer able to form.

Drainastim Pro helps:

  • Reduce leg swelling
    Re-establish good blood circulation enabling you to quickly slim down your legs, calves, ankles, etc. and prevent pain.
  • Reduce water retention in your lower legs
    By stimulating muscles and blood circulation, areas where water is retained close up because all liquids are circulating properly in your legs, and there is no longer any stagnation.
  • Relieve your pain
    The electrical muscle stimulation soothes your nerves, so your pain is relieved and disappears very quickly.

Drainastim Pro will change your life in terms of putting compression stockings on and wearing them

Reduced swelling means lighter legs… You’ll find it much easier to put your compression stockings on. You will feel more comfortable wearing them too! Your calves will be under much less pressure than before. This means comfort on a daily basis that you will really appreciate.

With Drainastim Pro, everything is better!

I've been wearing compression stockings for three years and I've seen a real difference since I began regular Drainastim Pro sessions. My legs are no longer swollen and my varicose veins settled down. As a precaution, I always put on my stockings but they feel much more comfortable. I feel improvements day by day. With Drainastim Pro, everything is better!

Drainastim Pro protects your liver during regular use of NSAIDs (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs)

Sometimes you have to enter a vicious circle to avoid pain. When you are in pain, you take medication and because this acts on the liver, it then causes other problems. Today we know all the adverse side effects of drugs on our health.

  • Burns
    In order to protect itself from medication your stomach produces acid. This causes heartburn.
  • Pain
    NSAIDs can cause pain due to spasms and contractions in the digestive system.
  • Contractions
    The stomach and colon are weakened by taking medication so they can contract and cause unbearable pain.
  • Acid reflux
    The acid created by the stomach travels up through the digestive tract, which is very uncomfortable and sometimes painful.

Drainastim Pro improves your health without worsening it

Ideally you should find another solution that does not create pain and does not damage your liver. This is even more strongly the case for people with type II diabetes. They are recommended to exercise regularly in order to strengthen their blood vessels while regulating blood sugar levels. And this advice is good for everyone, since using your body and your muscles tones you inside and out, promotes good blood circulation and helps dispose of waste products properly. This is why using Drainastim Pro is so effective for regaining good blood circulation in general, combatting osteoarthritis and type II diabetes, preventing pain and for living a healthy, pain-free life without tiring yourself.

It is time to stop robbing Peter to pay Paul.

As the saying goes, it is no use treating pain with medication to create more pain in another place…

This is not the case with Drainastim Pro which is a totally painless medical device, with no side effects and which does not damage any bodily functions. It’s just the opposite. It improves your general health.

I stopped taking medication.

I used to take a lot of anti-inflammatories to relieve my pain. And my general health deteriorated, and I especially ended up with a lot of digestive problems…

That's no longer the case since I’ve been using Drainastim Pro regularly. Everything got better, everything went back to normal, no more pain, no more digestive problems! I totally stopped the medication, I feel much better!

Recovery: after an operation, exerting yourself is difficult and yet necessary for your speedy recovery.

Avoid relapses or repeat injuries

The rehabilitation phase after an operation is extremely important since it guarantees your complete recovery. Again, Drainastim Pro will be of great help to you. Firstly to recover faster and then to avoid relapses and repeat injuries. Following an operation, your body attempts to repair itself. Your blood circulation must be very good in order to supply the body with oxygen and nutrients. Electrical muscle stimulation, a process that you can now enjoy in your own home with Drainastim Pro, was originally designed to help high-level athletes recover faster after exercise. This is exactly what it will do to you when your body has been weakened through an operation. Through stimulating your circulation, but also your muscles and nerves, Drainastim Pro accelerates the recovery process. That's why, after a few sessions, you will recover your energy very quickly and your pain and curvature will disappear.

When I was exhausted after the hospital, Drainastim helped me a lot.

After my surgery when I went home, I was completely drained. I was constantly fatigued and I was no longer capable of making the least effort. Yet the doctor advised me to walk… But it was totally impossible. Until I tried Drainastim Pro. After a few sessions, I felt filled with energy again. That is how I started walking around again, first at home and then outside. It helped me a lot.

(included in the LUXE model or optional on the standard model)

Get a FLAT STOMACH when you use the STATE-OFTHE-ART ABDOMINAL TONING BELT from Drainastim Pro® for 15 minutes a day

The Drainastim Pro® abdominal toning belt is specially designed to flatten and tone rounded bellies by eliminating excess fat.



Stomachs are sensitive areas where fat likes to accumulate. But there are health consequences when too much fat builds up. The abdominal muscles are pushed outwards by the fatty area and relax, the skin sags and the organs are no longer held in place. It's time to act!

In the end, you accept the unacceptable!

Got a bit of a belly? It's annoying, but you tell yourself there's nothing to be done... But this isn't true: you can tone up your stomach fast with the Drainastim Pro® abdominal toning belt! And you should do so for health reasons, because excess abdominal fat can lead to inflammation in the body and damage blood vessels, including those in the heart. Get a flat stomach and look after your health at the same time!


1. It strengthens your abdominal muscles

Intense abdominal sessions to tone up your belly without any effort.

2. And reduces its internal volume

Eliminate fatty areas that are a danger to health.


Eliminates visceral fat
Tones the muscular girdle
Prevents muscle wasting

THE Drainastim Pro®:



The abdominal muscles not only change your posture, but can have a real impact on your health!

Here are Lucy's results after using her Drainastim Pro® abdominal toning belt for 3 weeks:

I can't believe how flat and firm my stomach is! So quickly too! And it's all thanks to my Drainastim Pro® abdominal toning belt! My belly used to be fat and soft; out of proportion with the rest of my body. I couldn't see a way out... But then I tried the toning belt. I didn't have to make any effort: just wear it for daily sessions. And it worked! I'm absolutely delighted with the results and advise you to try it!

Hold abdominal organs in place

Organs including the liver, stomach and intestine are held in place by the abdominal muscles to keep them working well.

Combat swelling

Their contractions create “intestinal massage" motions to prevent swelling and facilitate transit.

Facilitate breathing

These muscles hold the spine in place and so help control the breathing.

Maintain posture

The abdominal muscles maintain your posture and shield you from impact

Prevent sagging

With strong abs, you can stop the tissue in the centre of the body sagging and ceasing to provide its support role.

I've now got abs of steel thanks to Drainastim Pro®® ! I'm so pleased: my back doesn't hurt anymore and I can get up without a huge effort. I'd have used it earlier if I'd known! I feel so much better in myself.

I've always had digestion problems... But since toning my stomach with Drainastim Pro®, I don't suffer from these issues any more. It's fantastic! Everything is now as it should be, and it's been years since this was the case.


Improve circulation in the legs - via muscular electrostimulation.

A study was conducted to establish the effect of the Drainastim Pro® muscle electrostimulation footrest on blood circulation in the legs of healthy subjects. There was a significant increase in venous circulation compared to the initial value. By improving blood circulation, neuromuscular electrostimulation can improve venous return, counteract the effect of venous stasis and improve arterial influx to the limb.

Also, according to the results of a study conducted on healthy subjects, electro-muscular stimulation (EMS) applied through the surface of the sole of the foot using Drainastim Pro® was as effective as voluntary exercise in terms of improving blood circulation and oxygenation of the tissues in the lower limbs. Painless, plantar surface stimulation is simple and safe to use, and is effective for people with venous insufficiency.

You can download the summary of our study by clicking here.


  • The main objective of the study was to evaluate the impact of Drainastim Pro® device on quality of life after 28 days of use by subjects suffering from heavy legs and superficial venous insufficiency.
  • The secondary objectives of the study were:
    • to evaluate the effect of Drainastim Pro® device on the decrease of water retention;
    • to subjectively evaluate the effect of Drainastim Pro® device on heavy legs and blood circulation.


After 28 days of daily use of Drainastim Pro® device, the quality of life of subjects suffering from veinous insufficiency significantly increased.Drainastim Pro® device permitted to significantly reduce the water retention for a majority of subjects, probably by improving their blood circulation at lower limb due to the daily stimulation of the muscle contraction during 28 days. The majority of subjects appreciated the device for its practicity, its efficacy on symptoms related to venous insufficiency.

91% of subjects would like to continue the device use.

You will be able to trial Drainastim Pro without risking a penny

We’re offering you the opportunity to try Drainastim Pro at home without risking a penny! You will have time to enjoy all the benefits it will bring to you!


  • Reactivates circulation
  • Reduces water retention
  • Reduces leg swelling
  • Combats varicose veins
  • Prevents cramps
  • Stops pain

High technology for amazing performance

The most powerful and full-featured vein stimulator on the market

Drainastim Pro is the most powerful vein stimulator on the market! It is a blend of the latest technology to improve your health! By stimulating your body and relieving pain Drainastim Pro will very quickly improve your everyday life in terms of wellness and comfort.

Drainastim Pro

Platform, Electrodes

the most complete vein-stimulator to treat all your circulatory and muscular problems, wherever you are!

You do nothing: Drainastim Pro does the work!

money back guarantee

  • 99 intensity levels
  • 25 massage modes
  • 2 possible connections (stimulation platform or electrodes)
  • Electrodes
  • Infrared ray system
  • Adjustable timer
  • Remote
  • 9 volts: the most powerful vein stimulator in the market
  • Digital control screen
  • Foot platform

Discover its easy-to-use equipment to relieve, regenerate and liberate every area of your body.


Your Drainastim Pro electrodes

A essential device to treat a lot of your health issues




Targeted treatment for your pain

It is by precisely targeting pain that we can treat it. That's why you'll quickly rediscover a pain-free life by using Drainastim Pro, the electrostimulator that acts right in the centre of the painful area to soothe it. Your pain is relieved in record time, no matter where the pain is.

  • Neck pain
  • Wry neck
  • Shoulder pain
  • Arm and forearm pain
  • Elbow pain
  • Back pain
  • Lumbar pain and sciatica
  • Painful scars

A medical device with therapy-quality electrodes

Drainastim Pro‘s electrodes are specially designed to achieve the optimal result, whether you are using the device for pain relief or treatment. It is a safe and reliable high-tech medical device.

  • Conductivity
    The electrodes provide maximum conductivity so that the micro pulses can directly penetrate the area to be treated and act in depth.
  • Adherence
    The electrodes adhere well to the skin once they are positioned. You won't have to replace them, so you can immediately just enjoy the benefits of your electrostimulator.
  • Longevity
    These electrodes are high quality and are very strong and solid, so that you can enjoy all your sessions with complete peace of mind.

How to use Drainastim Pro electrodes to immediately alleviate your pain

Drainastim Pro is very easy to use and you do not need any external help as everything has been designed so that you can be autonomous. Simply place the electrodes on the area to be treated and apply light pressure. They adhere immediately and do not move during the session. When your pain is relieved, you can remove them just as easily.

Very easy to position

Designed to be the right size and to fit ergonomically, it is easy to position the electrodes on any part of the body and on the area you want to relieve. They do not require any special maintenance due to their high quality.

Advice: During the first use, do not exceed the “Medium” level of intensity, in order to give your muscles time to accustom themselves to the micro pulses.

Using Drainastim Pro electrodes is a piece of cake.

I can place them everywhere I want to relieve my pain… The process feels pleasant and is really painless. After each session, I feel good and very light and rested. I really recommend it.

Let’s talk about…

Venous insufficiency

If you also suffer from it…

Today, there is a solution for getting rid of heavy, swollen, tired legs, for eradicating varicose veins, knee pains and even type II diabetes. If you, like 18 million French people, suffer from it then you know that the cause is bad circulation. More than 2 million people have already tested and approved this solution. Drainastim reactivates leg-level circulation with micro pulses. A revolutionary process so that you never have to endure circulatory problems again.

Don’t wait, act now!

Tingling, heavy limbs, itching, pain…

Why do your arms and legs hurt so much?

In a damaged vein, the valves no longer prevent the blood from descending and stagnating in the legs.

In a healthy vein, the blood circulates properly to the heart through the valves, one-way seals that prevent the blood from descending.

Venous insufficiency, the cause of all your problems

Over the years, the venous network changes and blood and waste products tend to build up in the lower legs because the vein valves, which should act as one-way valves, no longer respond. Drainastim incorporates capillary toning waves in its programmes to simultaneously remove waste products and restore the valves to their role as hermetic one-way valves. Blood stops stagnating, which instantly stops swelling and pain. With Drainastim, it takes just a few minutes to trigger the dynamic wave that is indispensable for venous return of blood to the heart. During your sessions, lower limb muscle groups take turns to facilitate blood circulation in the veins. So without leaving your home you can simultaneously combat the 3 causes of the heavy, swollen and painful legs and never suffer again, all painlessly without medications or harmful secondary effects.

Major factors:

Age, heredity and muscle weakness

Three major factors are involved in venous insufficiency. The heredity that causes the pump in the calf muscles to function poorly. Age, because with the wear and tear of the valves, blood circulates poorly and builds up. And finally, muscle weakness since your muscles have lost their tone and no longer promote the oxygenation of the blood. But you can fix all this very easily!

Above all, do not let your varicose veins and oedema turn into a disability!

If the thought of a queue, a long trip or hot weather causes you anxiety, it's time to act!

  • Clogging: eliminate all the waste products that causes blood stagnation in order to avoid clogging that causes oedemas and varicose veins.
  • Porosity: make your veins tough and supple again for smooth, toned circulation.
  • Venous weakness: strengthen your entire venous system to be able to endure long distances or heat. Even in these conditions you should experience no more pain.

When your blood has not been circulating properly for a long time, the consequences are irreparable!

Having good blood circulation is vital to your health! When circulatory problems arise, they must be addressed immediately. Immediately, because the symptoms may worsen and the consequences may be irremediable. This is why Drainastim is a unique process that allows you to quickly treat all blood circulation problems. With this system, you act quickly and efficiently!

Monitor and treat your bad circulation to mitigate real risks!

Pulmonary embolisms

Do not risk the formation of a clot in your arteries and make sure you are not one of the 100,000 annual embolism cases in France! Embolisms can have serious consequences. They are clots that form and clog the arteries supplying the lungs with blood. They can be avoided simply by taking care of the blood network. With Drainastim, you repair your entire blood network and remove any waste products in it quickly. And you can achieve this by using the system between only 15 and 30 minutes daily! This is enough to remove all the risks associated with circulatory problems and maintain good overall health!

Phlebitis and thrombosis

With age, you must be extremely vigilant as the risk of phlebitis and thrombosis is increased. Circulation deteriorates as the arteries become rigid, the veins become too fragile, they break easily and your blood can thicken because of various waste products in it. The formation of blood clots and the deterioration of your vein walls can quickly affect your health.
You can reduce the risk of phlebitis through maintaining clean and flexible veins with the help of Drainastim, which includes a combination of 5 types of micro pulses to treat all the causes of circulatory problems and at the same time electrically stimulates the lower legs through the soles of your feet. Results: no waste products, good blood flow. Thrombosis can no longer form.

Frequently Asked Questions

You’ve asked us various questions. Our specialist answers them.

J. Philipot

We spoke to you and here are the four recurring questions that were put to us:

Does it hurt?

Specialist : Drainastim Pro® is a totally painless A2 medical device! The micro pulses do not cause any unpleasant sensations, and you do not feel them. You will simply feel your muscles contract slightly, which does not cause any discomfort and you will not even notice it after a few minutes’ use.

How long should Drainastim Pro be used for optimal results?

Specialiste : : We recommend that you start with daily sessions of 15 to 30 minutes, depending on your availability. These few minutes will be enough to work your muscles and restore your blood circulation, among other things. A quarter of an hour of Drainastim Pro® is equivalent to a one-hour walk! It is best to have a session every day for a minimum of one month. You will then be able to see all the improvements Drainastim Pro® has made to your health.

Are there any circumstances where you should not use it?

Answer: For the following cases Drainastim Pro® is not recommended: 1. If you have a pacemaker or electronic implant such as an automatic cardiac defibrillator; 2. Pregnancy; 3. Symptoms or treatment in progress for deep vein thrombosis (to avoid any risk of clotting). Excluding these particular cases, adults may use it safely.

I have diabetes, can I use it safely?

Specialist: You can use it safely. In fact, I would even say it would help you to use it regularly. This electrostimulation procedure is particularly recommended for cases of diabetes, especially type II. People with diabetes are generally more exposed to blood circulation problems and blood sugar control issues. This is why it is essential to use Drainastim Pro® in order to reduce the risks associated with poor circulation. It strengthens the vessel walls and protects you from clot formation.


Actiscience treatments are not sold to diagnose, prevent or treat serious illnesses. If you have a serious illness please consult your doctor. Advice: expectant and breastfeeding mothers, children under 12 and anyone receiving medical treatment should refrain from taking nutritional supplements unless prescribed by their regular doctor. You should consult a medical professional when making any decisions about healthcare, for example in the following cases: you want to make changes to your current treatment, you want to stop your current treatment, you want to start a new treatment.

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